Mrs. Khodary’s Projects

Mrs El Khodary’s Projects

Campaign Against Violence

It has been noticed that 90% of parents’ complaints are about aggressiveness and violence between students. Unfortunately, violence has lately become a phenomenon in our society.

It is indeed very alarming when this destructive phenomenon is observed in our little ones, where it is often used haphazardly and without reason. Children yell at each other, scream, they even use hands, fists, and feet, and to top it all they sometimes use foul language.

It is the duty of both parents and the school to act promptly and effectively to stop this common behaviour. The House of English, in an attempt to resist this attitude, is conducting a campaign of a daily ritual by talking to students at Saluting and enforcing punishments for those who insist on using violence with their fellow students in class, in the playground, or on the bus.

I hope I have your support in trying to talk to your children to point out the negativity of this behaviour, to guide them towards more sensible and calmer reactions, and to prevent them from watching movies and cartoons about violence.

Mrs El Khodary’s Projects

Reading Club

The main purpose of the Reading Club is to encourage our students to read in the hope of creating a reading habit as a useful pastime to counteract the other harmful pastimes that most of our youngsters are fond of.
Instructions and Rules

Membership Instructions and Rules