Among precious memories, the graduation ceremony of class 2021 was held on 22nd October, 2021. Held within the school premises, which witnessed these graduates growing up and reaching one phase of their lives after another, the evening ceremony was a token of gratitude to all those who played a role in the process.

After standing up for the national anthem

the school’s principal and founder, Mrs Hoda El-Khodary, gave her speech, urging the graduates to present a good image of the school wherever they go and thanking the parents and the teachers for the valuable roles they played to make this moment come true.

For the first time

two head girls were nominated, as their achievements of gaining the title of ‘Top of the World’ in two different subjects were impossible to ignore. Kenzy Omar and Merna El-Saaran gave two speeches that touched everybody’s heart and aroused some laughter, when they recalled their memories in the past years. Another speech was co-presented by the head boys Aly Darwish and Yassin Younes, who could bring their experience during their senior school to life and drew a smile on the faces of the attendees. 

The different videos that were put on

Display on the huge screen were cleverly prepared by the graduates themselves and they showed the graduates memories along the 12-year-long journey. They induced tears one time and loud giggles another. 

Besides the videos, one of the graduates, Shahid Moataz, gave a live performance of a song, urging her fellow colleagues to be strong when facing the new chapter’s challenges, and could draw loud applause.

When the time for prize - giving came

Mrs. Hoda El-Khodary  the principal, together with Ms. Rayna Allam, the head of the British Division, started to award the graduates and take photos with them. That moment deserved to be instantly recorded by the loving parents, who came closer to the stage.