Certain Victory!

“Knowing your history can give you the tools to shape your future.”

The victory of October's

battle and retrieving our sacred land back is one of the main highlights of the Egyptian modern history

Year one and two students

were honourably taught all about that rich valuable history. The youngsters understood the true meanings of integrity, strength and commitment through the stories of the brave Egyptian soldiers and how they were all united to serve the same purpose: certain victory

The different videos that were put on

Display on the huge screen were cleverly prepared by the graduates themselves and they showed the graduates memories along the 12-year-long journey. They induced tears one time and loud giggles another. 

Besides the videos, one of the graduates, Shahid Moataz, gave a live performance of a song, urging her fellow colleagues to be strong when facing the new chapter’s challenges, and could draw loud applause.

Sensory activities

were the most interesting methods to teach students all about that marvellous event. Painting, singing and different activities were the means to present all information about that day.