NationalSchool -Activities

TimeTabled Activities
The National School has a full programme of timetabled activities such as art, crafts, physical training, football, basketball, handball, volleyball, aerobics, singing and IT. Sports teams and individual athletes take part in competitions and tournaments.
Extra-curricula Activities
ActivitiIn addition, we place a high value on extra-curricula activities. Students have the opportunity to develop their interests in clubs that range from sports, dance, drama, science, art, languages, cooking, newspaper, music and IT and more. Clubs are held during Lunch Breaks. Parents are invited to attend performances and exhibitions are held of art work.

Weekly Assemblies are held for each level, where students learn to make oral presentations or perform newly acquired poems, songs or plays. Contests in spelling or general knowledge are popular. Rewards for good behavior (the Honour Badge) are given monthly, and prizes for competitions are given out.

Day and field trips
We run day and field trips to many exciting places to develop students’ first-hand knowledge, to have fun, and also to improve relationships between students, and between staff and students.
Work for the community
Students are encouraged to work for the community, raising money for charity and organizing projects for environment protection awareness. Our annual Charity Fete is very successful.