NationalSchool -Curriculum

National School
The National School values the important communication between home and school. Teachers set a weekly Parent -Teacher meeting (at the request of the parent) so that close contact with parents can be established. Parents are encouraged to use the “Memo” to send teachers their comments or questions. And twice-yearly Parents Meetings are held to facilitate discussions with all staff present.


  We follow the system of Continual Evaluation established by the Ministry of Education. Evaluation testing is conducted on a weekly basis in order to guarantee that the quality of teaching, and pupils’ understanding, remains high.  Form teachers supervise their pupils’ progress, both academically and socially. Reports are sent home after first and third year quarters. Further assessment is made through Mid-Year and End-of-Year examinations in each year.         At Junior 6 and Middle 3 levels the Ministry-set examinations determine promotion.

Junior Department

Our qualified teachers are dedicated to teaching the Ministry-approved curriculum. Arabic, Religion and Social Studies are taught in Arabic; English, Maths and Science are taught in English. A third language, French, is added, starting in Junior 2.  Our pupils enjoy small classes to ensure that each child receives a high-quality educational experience.

As an English language school, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptionally high standard of English, with students achieving early fluency in speaking, reading and writing through internationally emulated methods and modern materials, including the very successful   Oxford Reading Tree.   At upper levels of the Junior 6-year stage, our pupils read non-abridged original books and learn to develop critical understanding.

We encourage reading for pleasure among our pupils at all ages, with regular timetabled visits to the library, supported by story telling, book discussions, book reports and library competitions.

Middle Department

Our maturing students receive expert teaching from the highly qualified educators specializing in this level. High-level English studies enhance students’ understanding of literature and language, as well as giving them the tools of analysis and criticism. Research skills are developed through project-based assignments using library and IT facilities. Great stress is laid on expanding the students’ strengths in Science and Maths, preparing them for the future serious curriculum in Senior School.

Senior Department

At this time there is no need for higher studies in the national  cirriculum