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The American System is a standard based educational system that allows us to meet the goals set by the school in its mission statement and gives us the flexibility we are looking for to achieve our vision. Teachers are able to implement the rich and varied American curricula (The Common Core Standards), adding their own material and insights to give the best quality education. Curriculum scope and sequence and alignment are designed and planned according to curricula objectives. Daily lesson plans are designed to reflect varied instructional methodologies to meet individual student needs and to ensure the effectiveness of the teaching process.

Grade 6- Grade 12


  • MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress)


Students have to sit for the MAP exam three times a year, during fall, winter and spring, in English (Reading, Language and literature), Math (Algebra and Geometry) and General Science.
The exam does not affect the students’ grading system, but measuers their academic progress in the subject area.



SAT  (Scholastic Aptitude Test)


  • Pre SAT Grades 9 and 10

Standardized test set and graded by the college board to measure English language and Math skills for grades 9 and 10.



  • SAT is divided into SAT I and SAT II
  • SAT I in Grade 11 and 12
    English language and Math

  • SAT II in Grade 11 and 12
    Biology / Chemistry / Physics / Math
    Students have the choice of subject(s) as a prerequisite for the college of their choice.


 SAT I and SAT II which together make up 60% of the marks of the High School certificate as per Egyptian Ministry of Education requirements



       Students may take the SAT I exam up to 8 times.
       SAT and SAT subject test (2020-2021)
       August (SAT, SAT Subject test)
(SAT, SAT Subject test)
(SAT, SAT Subject test)
       March (SAT)
(SAT, SAT Subject test)

       SAT scores are valid for two years only in Egypt, five years in Canada, USA and Europe  .


•        SAT I

       The minimum required score is 1050 out of 1600 to be accepted to public or national universities and 900 out of 1600 to be accepted to private colleges.



•        SAT II

       Students have to choose two subjects. The minimum required score is 1100 out of 1600 to be accepted to public or national universities and 900 out of 1600 to be accepted to private colleges.

       For medical colleges, the two SAT II subjects required are Biology and any of the following: Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics.

       As for the colleges of Engineering, Information Technology, Computer, Fine Arts (Architecture section), and Urban Planning, the two subjects required are Mathematics and one of the following: Physics, Chemistry or Biology.

       SAT II results are only valid when taken during high school.



  • Advanced Placement


AP Courses G12 
Students have the choice of subject(s) as a prerequiste for the college of their choice







  • General Academics


Our American curriculum (Grades 6 to 12) is based on the California State Standards in addition to optional Advanced Placement courses at the upper levels of high school.

Subject/course areas include: English Language Arts, French, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social Studies, Humanities, Art, Health and Physical Education.

Mathematics and English Language Arts meet the US Common Core State Standards. Islamic Education, Arabic language, and Arabic social studies, all comply with the Egyptian MOE curriculum for grade 6-12.

The school year is 36 weeks long, divided into four quarters. Students are assessed each quarter through homework, quizzes, assignments and researches (70 marks) in addition to quarterly assessment (30 marks) to give a total result of 100 marks.


The final grade is the average grade of the four quarters.



Students must gain a minimum of 24 credits in High School courses in order to be eligible. Students who successfully complete the prescribed course of study receive an accredited High School Diploma.


Technology is integrated throughout our curriculum from grade 6-12. Internet access is available throughout the campus.  “Bring Your Own Device” program” is implemented to serve the purpose of technology integration in our courses.


School Programs

 Beyond academics, our school offers extracurricular activities that give students the opportunity to explore known interests and find new passions. (Clubs, field trips, recreational trips, MUN)



To ensure that students not only excel academically but also have the opportunity to grow as civic-minded individuals who give back through service to our local and global communities, HOE includes programs such as internship, community service and programs.



Our rigorous curriculum, extracurricular and programs helps our students embrace and celebrate diversity, a diversity of approaches, ideas, languages, and attitudes, which fosters critical and expansive thinking and problem solving, preparing them to be lifelong learners and contributing global citizens.




Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education Requirements


Guidelines for University Admissions

For American High School Diploma

A. Guidelines for accepting American High School Diploma:

I) National and Private Universities Requirements:

•        Students must submit proof of 12 years of schooling.

•        Students must gain a minimum of 24 credits in accredited American High School courses in order to be eligible.

•        Subjects worth less than one credit will not be accepted.

•        Subjects such as physical education, music, and religion will not be counted




•        The Supreme Council of Universities accepts the SAT I and II scores received from College Board on their website using the code 7437 and will use the superscoring policy.

(Superscoring is what  colleges do with the SAT scores students submit with their application. They look at all the SAT scores students send, take their highest score from each test section, and combine those high scores from different test dates into a highest-possible composite score or superscore.)


•        The students who register online MUST add the following codes when applying to Egyptian Universities (Tansiq)


       Amideast Alex (7898)

       Ministry of Higher Education code (6134)

       Cairo University code (7437)


B. Guidelines for grade calculation and evaluation of American High School transcripts:

1. 40% from the average of the 8 required subjects for each college (maximum of 7 subjects and minimum of 5 from grade 12 and maximum of 3 subjects and minimum of 1 from grade 11)

2. 60% from the total SAT I score as follows:

•        The best SAT I scores will be chosen from each session (superscore) as long as the minimum score is per public and private universities requirements.

•        Students who achieve 1090 on SAT I will receive an additional 15% on their total score (Bonus).

•        Students who take the SAT II will have an additional 15% added to their score provided that their minimum score is per public and private universities requirements.


II)  International Universities Requirements:

•        International universities require 4 years of High School Diploma.

•        GPA and SAT I and II are per international universities requirements.


•        Some international universities require Advanced Placement (AP) courses depending on the students ‘fields of study. (The school is offering AP courses in Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Economics, and English Literature. The school is registered as an AP exam center. Students register for subjects of their choice as per universities requirements and take the AP exams at school.)