CambridgeSchool -About-Us

Welcome to a style of learning that is New World innovative and Old World refined, where we approach every student's needs in a way that is as unique as they are. We hope you will enjoy learning about us and find your visit to our website interesting and informative. We have tried to give you a "flavour" of our school in words and pictures. It can only be a flavour as it is difficult to convey accurately in words and pictures all that goes on in a busy, productive but above all happy school.

British education has achieved a worldwide reputation for excellence in quality, breadth and transferability. It takes into account the fact that each child has individual learning needs and abilities in different areas of the curriculum, it has the flexibility to ensure that children of high ability are challenged at an appropriate level and it supports those children who find any area difficult so that they can consolidate learning fully before moving on.

Alexandria House of English is accredited by Cambridge University with centre number EG057 attached to the British Council main centre (EG002)