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Facilities and Services
Facilities and Services

Facilities & services:

A quality school identifies and provides a network of services and facilities that support the health, safety, development, learning and well being of each students, thus Alexandria House of English offers facilities and services that are needed to develop students' abilities both within the set curriculum and through extra- curriculum activities

Computer labs:

Computer labs are set up in each building individually. All computers are linked via a network and include access to the internet. Each lab includes a number of computers that surpass students' capacities.

Science labs :

Alexandria House of English offers a variety of labs suitable for the needs of the different school systems, including physics, chemistry, Biology labs, junior & middle school science labs.


The school provided 3 well furnished and equipped libraries. The library is provided for students and teachers to encourage them to read, conduct research and projects in all Curriculum subjects. In addition to text and reference books, the libraries are supplied with a large collection of educational and cultural audio/visual materials.

Reading room:

The National school reading room contains shelves which carry a great number of the Oxford reading tree programme books. The reading room is comfortably furnished with carpets, cushions, chairs and small tables for children to sit and enjoy their reading activities with the professional reading consultant.

 Arts and crafts room:

Arts and crafts rooms are well equipped with easels and all the needed furniture and material. Teachers of applied arts train students to paint canvas, glass and leather. Modern painting, caricature drawing and pottery making are also introduced to interested students.

School counsellor (A qualified psychologist):

Our counselor assists teachers and parents in helping gifted students, as well as students with social and academic problems in order to reach their full potential and guarantee the educational, emotional and social well being of our children.   

Parent –school liaison officer:

The school's liaison officer acts as a link between Parents and the Principal's office. Parents can contact the liaison officer to voice their complaints, grievances, suggestions and perhaps positive observations if any!!These are then reported and handled by the principal

 Interactive white board:

Each class in the Cambridge and the American school is provided with its own interactive smart board where the teaching process becomes more alive, thus learners show increased motivation and children are encouraged to pay more attention and involvement. It also enables our teachers to use multimedia resources and access to the internet in order to add flexibility and imagination in lessons.

Air conditioned classrooms:

Classrooms of both the Cambridge and American departments are air conditioned. 


The theatre is used for assemblies, rehearsals and parties. It is also used for Gymnastic classes on rainy days. It includes two changing rooms to facilitate the type of activity done.  


Sports areas include a basketball court, as well as the playground, which is used as a multi-purpose sports field at times other than breaks.

A multipurpose patio  :

A multipurpose patio is used by the Cambridge students for activities, picnics, book fairs, breakfast break, and prayers.

School kitchen:

The school kitchen is well equipped and students are often accompanied by their teachers to practice cooking and curriculum related activities. Shaping dough, table setting and the preparation of different meals , these are the activities used in the kitchen. 


 Waiting room:

A waiting area is designated to host school guests.

There are two Clinics that are well-equipped for first aid and emergency treatment and has full time qualified  nurses available throughout school hours. A doctor visits on a regular basis for health check-ups.


Snack Shop

The snack shop serves snacks and food cooked on the premises. Students choose from a menu and pay with ‘bun tickets’, not cash.

Bus service
The Bus service runs all over Alexandria. Students‘ safety is of primary consideration and drivers are carefully controlled. Hand-picked Aides monitor students on the bus and also alighting at stops. Good behaviour on the bus is a pre-requisite for acceptance on the bus round.

Parents wishing to register their child for the bus service should contact:
Mr. Tamer Khadrawy, Transportation Officer, extension 229.

 Security guards:

The school provides full time security guards stationed at the front and back gates.